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Share your bad eBay buyer list with other sellers. Ebay said so far in 2019, it had suspended 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy, and had protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers. 
You can use 'Export to text file' and add this bad buyers to 'Blocked Bidder List' on your Ebay account
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1 - 50  of  2,016 records  
No eBay Buyer ID Ebay Buyer Country Problem/Buyer Created Case Ebay Seller ID Create/Update Record Time
1 thrillydil USA Buyer misused returns a5***1f 22 Jan 2020, 16:36
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Vintage Chargers

Buyer neglected to look at the detailed pictures carefully and read the description given of the items.
Claimed the items are not the same in the pictures. But in his picture to Ebay. You can clearly see everything that I took pictures of in my listing.

2 danacooneyx United Kingdom Buyer Not Paid For Item 8a***81 21 Jan 2020, 09:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Lego Set

The buyer paid by echeque, demanded payment before echeque had cleared, then canceled echeque.

3 shivautoparts USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 19 Jan 2020, 21:35
Sell Item to this Buyer:
HVAC Blower

Admits part does not fit. He ordered wrong part. No claim of damage but selects damage to get free return.

4 jfproa3 USA Buyer misused returns 8f***47 19 Jan 2020, 16:22
Sell Item to this Buyer:
iMac Logic Board

Buyer claimed item did not work. Accepted return, paid for shipping. Customer shipped product back that did not match the serial number we sent to them. Fraudulently returned a different product than we shipped to them. AVOID THEM IF YOU ARE A COMPUTER PARTS RESELLER. They will use your part in a computer repair and return the broken part out of the computer they fixed to you.

5 robabb_123 Austria Ebay Case - not received Digitally Delivered item 6f***58 19 Jan 2020, 00:15
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer opened the case - not received digitally delivered item.

6 ggrreegg123 USA Ebay Case - other reason b6***9e 18 Jan 2020, 13:54
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Womens sneakers 1 pair

Buyer opens not as described case after delivery and feedback is received. Fraudulent buyer.

7 1tmarie USA Paypal Case - unauthorized access to account b6***9e 18 Jan 2020, 13:18
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Womens sneakers 1 pair

Opens paypal case after delivery and feedback.

8 lojo_6870 USA Paypal Case - unauthorized access to account b6***9e 18 Jan 2020, 13:12
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Womens sneakers 1 pair

Buyer opens case after item is delivered and feedback received.

9 mikeysny7 USA Buyer misused returns b6***9e 11 Jan 2020, 17:48
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Mens sneakers 1 pair brand new

Buyer purchased and swapped the contents of the sneakers with a store display that is in a unsaleable condition. The problem is that the middle panel of the sneaker is a different color than the other shoe.

10 rude_bane USA Nightmare Buyer f6***f1 11 Jan 2020, 16:49
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bracelet charm

Buyer decided that the item is not a brand that it was listed under and requested refund threatening me it will be reported to eBay. I know that buyer was not right about it, but I did not argue and asked buyer to return the item for refund for "not as described" reason so I can provide a return label under MY expense. Checked the buyer's feedbacks to others: more than 10% feedbacks are negative.

11 maybowling2010 USA Nightmare Buyer 6f***58 09 Jan 2020, 06:31
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Yes, motorcycle carburetor

Buyer asked to cancel an item we had already shipped. They emailed us over a dozen times that day, threatening us, insulting us etc. They're some sort of shut in with nothing to do and a superiority complex. They say they'll return the item and make us pay for it and somehow ruin our reputation all because we shipped the item that they bought, too quickly apparently. They also talk about God alot. No seller should have to deal with this.

12 teagran247_0 USA Paypal Case - credit card chargeback 8a***24 09 Jan 2020, 01:31
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Johnstons of Elgin Dress Gordon Tartan 100% Wool Scarf Muffler Made in Scotland

After a short delay in shipping due to USPS during the holiday season, this buyer contacted his bank (Wells Fargo) to chargeback his purchase. He did this despite me communicating with him that I had contacted USPS inquiring about the delay and assuring him that it would arrive very soon. Buyer then did receive the package, informed me that he withdrew the chargeback, but he lied and did not reverse the chargeback with his bank.

13 gaboe2 Italy Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 08 Jan 2020, 02:14
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Ordered on eBay US Expensive Parts

This buyer is an outright liar and a thief. Requested combine shipment. Tried to get items for free while in transit. Then asked for fake invoices with incorrect information. Has no opened a case for items not received that he very much did receive. Just an outright thief. Deserves to be in jail.

14 karen-bob USA Other b6***9e 07 Jan 2020, 18:02
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Grade school sneakers

Buyer return confirmed fake shoes for return. Box is different color, paper is different material and thin, sneaker stitching and color does not match the same style. I confirm it as fake.

15 memology United Kingdom Ebay Case - not received item by Post c4***3d 04 Jan 2020, 04:11
Sell Item to this Buyer:
3 ICs

Buyer fraudulently tried to get a refund by falsely claiming that the item was not received and we exposed his tricks to E-bay.

16 everyanashly USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 01 Jan 2020, 21:04
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buys brand new with tags item. Wears them, tears them up apparently. Returns them.

17 ockrillben30 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item e3***61 29 Dec 2019, 14:14
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Golf Shoe (charity fundraiser for supporting troops)

Just wondering are you planning on completing your purchase because there are fees from PayPal for canceled orders now. How do you want to handle this? Resellers are protecting themselves, by blocking users and sharing. Then the service sends a daily email with users info, that allows resellers to block worldwide. I think this non-purchase would be a good case, It does sound a little extreme. I would rather solve the problem. Was there something wrong with the transaction, how can we help you Sincerely yours,

18 nh_bruins_fan USA Buyer misused returns b6***9e 25 Dec 2019, 01:38
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Womens sneakers 1 pair

Buyer orders a size 7 and received the shoes. Sends a message that they received a mens 7, there is no mens 7 shoe in the style I sold to them. There is grade school, but I don't stock it. Selects option that wrong item is sent. I have sent request for photos and still have not heard from them in 24 hours. Buyer is unverified and uses a po box.

19 bunzie0 USA Buyer misused returns b6***9e 23 Dec 2019, 16:05
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Womens sneakers 1 pair

My listing specifically states all sales final and no returns. The buyer wants to repeat what she said 3 time in 3 separate messages and threatens to talk to paypal to wrestle the return.

20 thejazmanjames United Kingdom Paypal Case - unauthorized access to account 17***83 22 Dec 2019, 16:31
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Itune Gift Card

Bought but open case to steal 10$ gift card

21 jawalo_39 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 19 Dec 2019, 13:21
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Has zero feedback, not one. Item is too large for ground shipping so was listed as local pickup. He buys, pays for item. Demands it be shipped. Waits 32 days to open a case for item not received. eBay probably would have found in my favor but I gave them a refund. This guy cost paypal fees that are not refunded.

22 jodi_warbu United Kingdom Nightmare Buyer 75***b1 16 Dec 2019, 02:08
Sell Item to this Buyer:
THREE WELSH SONGS, Traditional, Sheet Music Harp &Voice

International buyer wanted low shipping or pdf, and I took the music to the Post Office and found the best deal, $3.23 for First Class. I would have had to charge her over $40 postage, after she had purchased, to get tracking with international US mail. She paid on a Saturday, and I sent it the first possible day, Monday, November 18, by First Class International. She later claimed it had not arrived and said I had until Monday (tomorrow) to refund it, demanding a full refund whether it arrived or not. She also said I should have sent it with tracking, although she wouldn't have been willing to pay that much postage. I sent it all in pdf form to her PayPal address as soon as she reported it missing, but she now said pdf was useless to her. She demanded a full refund, including the postage I'd paid, even if it arrived tomorrow with a postmark showing I had sent it on the first possible day, or she would ruin the 100% positive feedback have kept ever since I began selling in 2001. I explained that it was impossible to process the refund until Monday because I have a variable connection that is now too slow and weather made travel impossible, and she said she would give me until then. I went to eBay to refund it today instead (a day before her deadline), and found she had broken her word and already left negative feedback, saying I "refused to refund." An eBay rep cancelled the order, refunded it, and promised to remove the feedback. This buyer has harassed me constantly this weekend by eBay message system and email, even though I had explained to her that it was 20 below zero, my road was blocked, and no travel was advised even on good roads because of the cold. (She called this an "excuse" in her feedback). I planned to process the refund Monday, but she had left the negative feedback already.

23 ploplojr760mateo USA Buyer misused returns 6a***0a 16 Dec 2019, 00:43
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Aquaswiss stainless steel brand new watch with date

Buyer filed a false claim as a reason for return, and then admitted that he just changed his mind.

24 nabatidiamonds USA Nightmare Buyer 6a***0a 16 Dec 2019, 00:38
Sell Item to this Buyer:
W. Hodges-"Winter Town"-ORIGINAL Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas, Hand Signed

Buyer has negotiated to buy this item for about a week. He said that he would agree to buy it without a frame, so I created a new listing describing a painting as being sold on stretched canvas, w/o a frame, and we agreed on price. On 12/13/19 buyer placed an order. In a few hours I was contacted by the buyer with a request for refund based on the buyer's remorse. Buyer sent me 25 emails filled with insults and threats. To avoid further confrontation, we cancelled the order and refunded a purchase price to the buyer.

25 the-oak-house United Kingdom Buyer left bad Feedback f6***f1 14 Dec 2019, 16:59
Sell Item to this Buyer:
car sticker

Buyer lied about long delivery time leaving negative feedback, then I asked to revise negative proved unfair feedback and the buyer just changed it to " low quality " lying again. Most of the feedbacks of this buyer for sellers were negative. The buyer keeps changing ID (5 times changed so far) and then made his feedback "private" so no one will see his multiple negative feedbacks. Buyer keeps changing feedbacks from not private to private again and again. The feedbacks are private now (Dec 2019). Wait when you see the feedbacks again: EVERY 4TH FEEDBACK IS NEGATIVE!!! BEWARE!

26 oldbike_fancier USA Paypal Case - credit card chargeback 9d***e6 09 Dec 2019, 23:16
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer demanded 50% refund after finding a cheaper price. Left negative feedback and opened paypal case after refusing to give in.

27 jonjack1875 USA Other f6***f1 05 Dec 2019, 22:20
Sell Item to this Buyer:
blade for clippers

Buyer opened a case for damaged item which is nearly impossible to break just by shipping (in bubbled envelope!). Returned item not paying for shipping. Returned item looks used and worn off: not what sent to the buyer.

28 happy-healthy-commerce USA Buyer Not Paid For Item ac***a5 04 Dec 2019, 12:21
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Pulled down 3 of my items and didn't pay for them. In his short ebay experience he has left 2 one star reviews on great products and left a long string of negative feedback for sellers. This person is bad, bad, news. Avoid.

29 maricastaned64 Costa Rica Nightmare Buyer c6***70 02 Dec 2019, 21:11
Sell Item to this Buyer:
6 Chintz "Caroline" Two's Company Porcelain Napkin Holders in Box

1. Buyer setup an account with a mail forwarding service in the U.S.A. to bypass the eBay seller's settings which ban all buyers outside the U.S. 2. Buyer lives in Costa Rica. The listing TOS clearly states all buyers must live within the U.S. 3. Buyer wanted item shipped to a remailing service so it can be reshipped to Costa Rica. The listing TOS specifically says no items will be shipped to reshipping services or agents acting on behalf of a eBay buyer. 4. Buyer used unverified PayPal account. The listing TOS specifically states a verified PayPal based in the U.S. is required. 5. Buyer threatened to leave negative feedback if item was not sold to to her after the transaction was cancelled. 6. Buyer left negative feedback, which was removed by eBay. Complete details can be found within this blog post:

30 michse-29 USA Paypal Case - credit card chargeback 9e***15 01 Dec 2019, 19:16
Sell Item to this Buyer:
$52.13 book

Charge back for unauthorized transaction over one month later. This was for an expensive textbook. USPS shows delivered to buyers address. Buyer lives alone so they got book. Buyer ripped me off for book, postage and $20.00 charge back fee.

31 carher.oouirqe9t USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 30 Nov 2019, 00:28
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Electronics Box

Item cost $11.95 w/ free shipping. Cost $6 to ship. Returning item for "doesn't fit". Another entitled adult. I don't get it. Who raised these people?

32 djgqnavi USA Nightmare Buyer ab***a1 28 Nov 2019, 17:38
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Scammer, Buyer returned different item than the one we sold to them. Sellers beware.

33 mabels1218 USA Buyer misused returns b6***9e 23 Nov 2019, 19:38
Sell Item to this Buyer:
womens sneakers 1 pair

She bought it and her child wore it. She wants to exchange. Her own photos shows its worn and I refused.
She opened case for return and leaves bad feedback, and falsifying that she bought in wrong size and shoes looks used.

34 clarwil_51 USA Buyer left bad Feedback f6***f1 23 Nov 2019, 02:24
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bracelet charm

Label printed on Saturday with tracking number. Mailed in time on Monday morning via USPS First Class. Item's tracking number clearly shows that the item delivered in 3 days after taken in in seller's post office. Buyer created a case as "not delivered" anyway without even contacting me first. 1 Day later Buyer left negative feedback for one day later delivery and lying about quality of the item. My Feedback was 100% positive. Buyer leaves frequent negative feedbacks. Enough for other sellers to know this, yeah? I hope more sellers will read it and block this buyer!!

35 kumchoo USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 22 Nov 2019, 12:35
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Tried to exploit glitch in INR system to get item for free. Opened a return for item when that didn't work.

36 mur314 USA Buyer left bad Feedback d4***a4 21 Nov 2019, 15:28
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Vintage Bicycle Brake Assembly

Buyer decided he did not want the item and requested a return. My official policy is "no returns" like many other sellers but, as we all know, a buyer can always request a return/refund. I always do a return and/or refund for everyone who requests one on a case by case basis, just not through ebay's "standard" return option. After he was completely refund he left bad feedback quote "Thanks for your understanding. Selling without option for return is ridiculous" even though it was his choice to buy from a "no returns" seller. This buyer is either ignorant and did not read the terms of the sale or is a raging narcissist who feels incredibly entitled to how you sell your merchandise. Buyer has a 34 feedback score at the time I am submitting this. The total sale for this cheap-o was $23, including the shipping, which makes his feedback comment even more petty. So sellers beware, this guy is a major PITA buyer and not worth the risk!

37 kumchoo USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 20 Nov 2019, 22:58
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Item not received> Tracking added> Oh I received it but it doesn't work> Just another thief.

38 julieta0104 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 19 Nov 2019, 23:47
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Credit Card Terminal

Buys $90 credit card terminal. Returns it because its not compatible with their system. They select defective for return reason. To save a $9 label. They won't save it.

39 bestdeals.aus Australia Paypal Case - other reason 15***06 19 Nov 2019, 04:16
Sell Item to this Buyer:
video game

After more than 3 month of delivery, buyer claimed not received no paypal not ebay.
Australia Post Trucking number can not see after 2months from deliver in public so I can not show a proof of delivery.
I contact Australia Post , they keep the trucking information for a year and they confirm buyer received with signature. They know how to get refund from paypal if I do not know the parcel trucking number recovery.

40 jug1710 USA Buyer misused returns e3***f6 18 Nov 2019, 22:14
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Home and garden

Lied about listing to make a return on Ebay. I had already given her a good feedback. To bad I cant change it because she is a spiteful little...$%%##% Her name is Yelena Chumachenko watch out for her!

41 jankumm_0 USA Buyer misused returns e3***f6 18 Nov 2019, 14:41
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Home and garden

Beware!!!! Another one that lies to make a return!! I had already given good feedback, ebay wont let me change it , so I'm putting this buyer on this list

42 tomigol-0 Croatia Ebay Case - not received Digitally Delivered item 6f***58 17 Nov 2019, 18:25
Sell Item to this Buyer:

He demanded additional goods, opened a dispute that he did not receive the goods.

43 trix1210 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 17 Nov 2019, 16:58
Sell Item to this Buyer:
DVD Drive

This buyer sent hateful messages with no intention of buying my item. I blocked them, added them to this list. Now they are using this second account to do the same thing.

44 keyfresh1107 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item ac***a5 16 Nov 2019, 23:57
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Snap On Diagnostic Scanner

Negotiates lower price, getting $400 item for $180. Refuses to pay. Sends like 7 messages about religion and threats of reporting me for some reason. This person is a looney tune. I told him I would be happy to cancel it if he send request and he only sends more unintelligible messages. I think that he thinks I can adjust his offer even lower, which a wouldn't if I could. Total nutjob.

45 1953leroy USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 15 Nov 2019, 12:43
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Trolling Motor

Orders $300 item, pays for it, immediately ask to cancel it.

46 wolfho95 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 15 Nov 2019, 03:36
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Printer Server

Buys item for $12.95. Cost $6 to ship plus fees. Returning it for "changed mind". Will be surprised if he didn't open the factory sealed package.

47 jennyk1957,enfor-63 Australia Buyer left bad Feedback 85***1f 14 Nov 2019, 20:57
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer jennyk1957 using excuses to return the item and leave a negative feedback.Nasty!
Buyer enfor-63 claiming tricky refund through Paypal only.Did not open Ebay case so seller loosing item & money also leaving negative feedback-very nasty!!

48 magonzle-83 Spain Buyer misused returns 8a***81 14 Nov 2019, 14:10
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Sonic The Hedgehog Lego 71244 Level Pack Speedster Tornado Dimensions Toy

The description and condition stated that the mini-figure was not included. This was also clear from the photos. However, the buyer opened a case saying that it was missing and got a refund without returning the item. (The buyer has 0 feedback. The form wouldn't accept it for some reason.)

49 josin_52 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 13 Nov 2019, 00:11
Sell Item to this Buyer:
IKEA Fixtrure

$19.95, cost $12 to ship. Returning it for doesn't fit. They had to have opened the factory sealed package. Feedback is 0 not 1 but this system wont accept that.

50 de_real_soca_princess USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 13 Nov 2019, 00:08
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Timberland Boots NEW

Item purchased with GSP and sent halfway around the globe. Sold for 75% of trending. Buyer request return because they are unhappy with the color brown.

1 - 50  of  2,016 records  
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