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Share your bad eBay buyer list with other sellers. Ebay said so far in 2021, it had suspended 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy, and had protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers. 
You can use 'Export to text file' and add this bad buyers to 'Blocked Bidder List' on your Ebay account
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1 - 50  of  2,520 records  
No eBay Buyer ID Ebay Buyer Country Problem/Buyer Created Case Ebay Seller ID Create/Update Record Time
1 evkedr_69 USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post ac***a5 22 Oct 2021, 15:57
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Stove Sink

THIEF. SCAMMER. This guy purchased two brand new expensive items and then attempted to steal both of them with INR case. He admitted to freight forwarding in the messages. I do believe he intended to steal these items when he ordered them. Ebay courtesy refunded him $250 for the stove and I am hoping they kick him off for doing it again on a $100 faucet he ordered at the same time. This guy is NOT A BUYER. He is a thief. The sole purpose of his account and his "purchases" are for theft and stealing.

2 coco_mn USA Other 73***79 19 Oct 2021, 17:30
Sell Item to this Buyer:
App-enabled droid

This user messaged me a couple times (one message, one reply) trying to get the droid to work, and I gave him instructions on how to install an app that's necessary to fully operate and play with the droid, since it's no longer available to install on the App Store. I also told him to feel free to let me know how it went. No reply for a whole day after that. The next day (today), as soon as I woke up in the morning and checked my phone, I was slapped in the face by a return request from this guy. He wrote in the description saying that I should have mentioned that the app was no longer available (even though I just told him that I didn't know about it until now in a previous message), and it seemed like he didn't even bother trying to install the app like in the instructions I took quite a bit of time researching. He wrote the description in a way as if we never even communicated before! He's also an eBay seller with quite a few negative and neutral feedback, and his seller responses to some of them are a little bit immature and unprofessional. It's pretty amazing how you can tell what kind of a person someone is just by reading all of that. In summary, this person (as a buyer) is not 100% communicative, and a lazy jerk. Avoid if you can!

3 grahar396223 United Kingdom Buyer misused returns 18***47 17 Oct 2021, 22:43
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Magnisound 3000 TV Amplifier Hearing Aid Listen Assistance Megaphone Device

Buyer said that the item was faulty and started a return. upon return the item was found to be in full working order. He has only been registered for a fews days and is already playing the system on ebay to avoid paying or the return cost.. Avoid at all cost

4 micizydo-50 United Kingdom Ebay Case - other reason 18***47 17 Oct 2021, 22:38
Sell Item to this Buyer:

The buyer address was wrong on eBay. After sending a polite message to the buyer asking him to confirm his address, the buyer decided not to reply and instead did a charge back on his credit card, saying that items hadn't arrive. He has only been on eBay for a fews days and already doing charge backs (thankfully i didn't sent item out) Avoid at all cost

5 ajicho64 USA Buyer misused returns 1a***18 17 Oct 2021, 15:21
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Computer part

Buyer made me pay for fed-ex 2 day shipping for $27, only to open a claim against me on e-bay, stating my item didn't work. It had been tested thoroughly by my staff. Our computer board worked perfectly. Our part was watermarked, he sent back his broken board, which didn't work, and was not sellable. I lost $100.

6 mfouch2012 USA Nightmare Buyer 72***e6 16 Oct 2021, 16:26
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer bought 3 pristine records I purchased in 2015 from a single owner collection in Yakima WA. The original owner was a former record store owner and many items were sealed or played once, as was the case with the items in this transaction. Buyer complained all 3 were VG+, trying to get a freebie/price break (the records were only $4-5 each to begin with). I politely instructed him to return and he refused but instead left negative feedback with the condition narrative as retribution for not getting them for free/discount.

7 welsh92 USA Buyer misused returns 95***9a 13 Oct 2021, 04:14
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Karen Oliverson
Street177 Blue Sage Ln
Zip code84040-7423
Country/regionUnited States
Phone+1 801-513-5333 request custom order and claim item not as describe

8 aztecaarnulfo USA Buyer misused returns 1a***18 08 Oct 2021, 18:59
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Computer part

Buyer bought my computer board, then sent me his broken board after lying to e-bay to steal from me.

9 ilianmaizlope-0 USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post ce***5f 07 Oct 2021, 15:36
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Bought a clothes, according to USPS track number delivered personally in hand with signature
But she declares that she did not receive
Old, dimwitted, toothless immigrant from Spain

10 bmsoutletshop2013mb USA Buyer misused returns ce***5f 07 Oct 2021, 14:55
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Bought a clothes , smoked it (smell), vilified it (stains and smell of sweat) stretched it out and opened a return request.
Shameless, returned a thing that was new in such a disgusting state
I warn everyone - stay away from this unclean person
Professional scammer

11 mol_uk_lt5cfxae United Kingdom Nightmare Buyer 18***47 04 Oct 2021, 10:34
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Guess Who Board Game

Buyer Paid for item and then 10 mins later, requested to cancel the item with no reason and when asked, he just said mind my own business.

12 syrgremour-8 USA Nightmare Buyer f8***a4 04 Oct 2021, 06:54
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Otterbox case

This lowlife troll and abusive buyer makes feedback extortion part of his daily activities. I've never seen such a string of negative feedback in my life. He tries to start problems with sellers, before even buying anything from them.

13 ehr-7686 USA Nightmare Buyer 24***a5 01 Oct 2021, 16:14
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Neca figures

I sell 3 neca figure to his person. Brand new still seal. He received the figure 1 week and compain the figure is damaged and ask for return. Ok, i cannot say and accept the return. I ask him to provide the parcel weight and dimension for me to purchase a label. He didn't reply me. I only can use an estimated weight and dimension to buy a shipping label (Which must be higher price, since i must add buffer) after i provide a shipping label to his person. He dont ship asap but wait until ask for ebay step in. You know, when ebay step in, i will lost the commission fee back from ebay. He then not ship yet and wait for extra two week. I think he get more time to play the figure. He has play the figure and he no need to buy it again. The figure I received are packaging like rubbish, no any bubbles paper. All the part are come out inside the box. Very horrible, this buyer. I lost total about $100 usd for the two way shipping fee and the commission fee to ebay

14 you-can-own-this USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 26 Sep 2021, 22:55
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Door Knob

BS return. INAD selected with buyers remorse reasoning in the text body. Another entitled POS.

15 dabr6352 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 26 Sep 2021, 22:53
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Laboratory Cages

BS return. INAD selected with buyers remorse reasoning in the text body. Another entitled POS.

16 wilsoon123 USA Buyer misused returns 5f***ff 20 Sep 2021, 20:35
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer did not take any responsibility for returning damaged item.

17 kegir-94 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 19 Sep 2021, 13:37
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Electrical Connectors

LOOK AT THIS ASSHOLES FEEDBACK FOR LEFT FOR OTHERS!! This douche bag is just buying things for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of opening returns and causing problems. READ HIS PROFILE! He is literally telling you he is here on a crusade to penalize sellers for not doing things the way he wants. He is not here to buy and sell. He is here to prove points and cause problems. I am incredibly upset that I look at his feedback left for others and see he has abused AT LEAST two other users and you didn't do anything about it. Now he is here abusing me. Can you please end his moronic crusade. There was nothing wrong with the items he was shipped and I am certain he bought them for the purpose of returning them because he didn't agree with the condition description. That was the report I sent ebay.

18 melbenmad USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 94***fc 16 Sep 2021, 23:35
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi Putter

User made fictitious bids and then claimed in private message that they never intended to buy the item. They then proceeded to harass me about how fun it was to waste my time. Complete loser, do not interact.

19 saraininja USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 94***fc 16 Sep 2021, 23:32
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Tag Heuer S/el s95.806 Date White Dial Quartz Men's Watch

Buyer placed bid 16 hours before auction end, notified me 2 hours before auction close that they did not properly review the listing and would refuse to pay for the item. Buyer wasted my time due to their inability to properly review the listing before outbidding a legitimate buyer.

20 rhino2003 USA Buyer misused returns 88***bd 16 Sep 2021, 18:01
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Refuses to pay for return shipping (As agreed). Threatens with negative feedback, makes false claims and statements about seller/productin an attempt to coerce ebay. Nighmare buyer.

21 douglasmccreery09 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item eb***15 16 Sep 2021, 14:26
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bitcoin miner

Bidder requested bld retraction and then cancellation after sale.

22 sandrpool_15 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item c2***60 16 Sep 2021, 03:17
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Made offer that was accepted then never paid.

23 jeanperre66 France Buyer Not Paid For Item 18***47 15 Sep 2021, 15:37
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Sony DVP-S735D High End DVD / CD Player

The buyer sent in an offer, which was accepted at 25 and then after he sent a message to try and change the price down to 22 and then another asking to pay just 20 all after the best offer of 25 was accepted. Had to cancel the order in the end..

24 tolab65 USA Buyer misused returns 79***0f 14 Sep 2021, 23:23
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Face Serum

Claimed the listing "changed" after she bought the product and that she was entitled to a more expensive product. Left negative feedback and got a full refund from eBay (me).

25 wag0417-hkfql9s7 USA Buyer misused returns 3b***c6 14 Sep 2021, 13:33
Sell Item to this Buyer:
TV Part

Buyer abuse returns.

26 owl_we_need USA Buyer misused returns 1a***18 13 Sep 2021, 20:03
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Computer parts

Buyer bought my part, opened a case, saying it didn't work, when it did. Buyer mailed me their broken part. Buyer lied, and stole.

27 patse_504 USA Buyer misused returns 1a***18 13 Sep 2021, 19:58
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Computer part

Buyer bought my computer part that was working, then said it wasn't to ebay by opening a case. They mailed me back their broken part, stealing from me.

28 psragman USA Nightmare Buyer c2***60 10 Sep 2021, 17:02
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Vanity Fair, Lithographs

Messages with questions then sends a condescending, derogatory, and accusatory message because the buyer did not like the answer that was provided. Stay away from buyers like this they seem to love to cause problems and create issues when there really are none.

29 denswoman48 USA Buyer left bad Feedback c2***60 10 Sep 2021, 16:49
Sell Item to this Buyer:
music books

left negative feedback, never contacted seller about any problem. No response from messages trying to fix any issues.

30 gunne9037 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item c2***60 10 Sep 2021, 16:34
Sell Item to this Buyer:
buyer never paid for item

After making a offer that was accepted buyer never paid.

31 dakcat28 USA Buyer misused returns eb***15 05 Sep 2021, 05:18
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bitcoin miner

Buyer paid, then requested return before item shipped.

32 chahe_5417 USA Nightmare Buyer ff***81 03 Sep 2021, 19:25
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Fenton Hand painted Basket signed

chahe_5417 (Cathy Head) sent questions about the Fenton Basket and what was the lowest price I would take. I told her and then she asked if I combine shipping. I said that I was happy to. My description of the basket with the dimensions clearly stated, is EXACTLY spot on like another Ebay seller that was selling the same exact basket. When the buyer received the basket, the harassing started. She said it wasn't as described, said that it was smaller than stated (it was not!) said it was more like a miniature basket and then whined about the cost of the shipping. I replied it was exactly as stated and she KNEW the shipping cost when she did a buy it now. She replied back that it was smaller than described, AGAIN. I told her I do not accept returns as stated in my description. She said she was going to report me to Ebay. I said to go ahead. Then she came back and asked for $40 refund. I said no. She said she would escalate it to Ebay. Again, I said FINE. Then she came back asking for $35 refund. NOPE. Hours later, $30 refund. I said nope. Next day it was a $25 refund. I said nope. I told her to send it back. She didn't want to send it back. I finally told her I'd refund the shipping and that was all. She went back and forth with me on that for a day and when I wouldn't budge, she finally came back with, Fine, refund me $20 because I'm not going to argue with you anymore. LOL. I wasn't arguing! I just kept saying no. So, she got the item, she got free shipping and I blocked the witch from ever buying from me again, and I put her out there to several sellers I know, just in case. And I blasting the witch all over social media. What a scammer con artist. Oh, AND she lives in a single wide trailer, so there you go. Trailer trash.

33 vikingfan00 USA Buyer misused returns 18***51 02 Sep 2021, 03:15
Sell Item to this Buyer:

The buyer agreed to make a false declaration to use the return service. After receiving the return, I found that the item could be used successfully, and there was his last time of use and his mail address.

34 97ckel.kayhhg5 USA Nightmare Buyer 95***9a 02 Sep 2021, 03:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Force seller offer a full refund, name-calling people, saying the seller is a xxx, if the seller does not offer a refund, she will leave bad feedback. report to eBay and eBay will take action against this person.

35 jetamt1 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 02 Sep 2021, 01:10
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Dog Vest

Claims item doesn't work because he is unhappy with how used it is. There are several photos in the listing that show just how used it is. He is having things shipped to him so he can look them over and send them back. entitled human garbage. liar and a cheat.

36 yrgs4me USA Buyer Not Paid For Item eb***15 01 Sep 2021, 19:13
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bitcoin miner

Non-Paying Bidder

37 dansai27 United Kingdom Buyer misused returns 18***47 01 Sep 2021, 10:10
Sell Item to this Buyer:
BT Decor 2600 Corded House Phone with Advanced Call Blocker & Caller ID -BX

The buyer first tried to 5cam me saying the item hasn't arrived. Then after showing him that the tracking shows it delivered, he said thanks and he found it at the side of the house. Then the next day he opened up a return request saying that the item didn't work, i accept the request and told him to return it. Got the item back and tested it only to find its in full working order. His has missed used the return to get out of posting after trying to 5cam a free item

38 brianz9363 USA Buyer left bad Feedback 78***bf 31 Aug 2021, 01:50
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

Buyer bought an open box toothbrush. Although the toothbrush inside the box looked exactly like the one pictured on the box, it turned out to be a different model (someone had apparently switched models before returning). Despite apologizing to the buyer several times and agreeing to provide a refund, buyer left negative feedback.

39 roja68 USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post a4***fb 29 Aug 2021, 15:09
Sell Item to this Buyer:

they claimed item did not arrive tracking shows delivered they left bad feedback ebay removed it i reported buyer and put on block list

40 millickstackhousemy34 USA Other c9***ad 29 Aug 2021, 04:47
Sell Item to this Buyer:


41 riverflow2 USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post 18***51 28 Aug 2021, 10:04
Sell Item to this Buyer:
IP Cam

The tracking is show the buyer received. But he open the case for not receive. I'm serious to message him and provided all the shipping label and received label.
However he is very rude to reply me. Very Terrible buyer.
And he upgrade the case and I loss!!! OMG!!!, he wastes my time to reported Ebay. At the end. I'm luck , I got my money back from ebay.
Terrible buyer. Terrible Ebay . He know how to use the EBAY buyer policy to get benefit .

42 crgina-60 USA Paypal Case - other reason 57***7e 28 Aug 2021, 01:48
Sell Item to this Buyer:
2010-2015 Perth Mint 1 oz Gold Australian Kangaroo $100 Gold Coin .9999 Fine BU

Never sent item. Lied about shipping.

43 bill4rest USA Buyer left bad Feedback 8f***39 27 Aug 2021, 07:54
Sell Item to this Buyer:
RC car body

No communication at all before leaving -Ve feedback.
Bad manner, and unreasonable claim on the quality issues.

44 sigmondf USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 26 Aug 2021, 21:28
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Lighting Parts

Buyer claims I sent them the wrong thing. Listing clearly shows big bright photos of the actual items for sale and there is nothing incorrect about the listing. Total BS. Another entitled POS.

45 sandra201213 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 26 Aug 2021, 21:26
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Toilet Seat

Paid $14 for a toilet seat that cost $16 to ship. Sending messages demanding I send them a return label the same day I shipped it because they found one cheaper. Listing says buy paid return. Listing be damned. They are entitled to have others pay for services rendered to them. They can someone else pay to send things back and fourth for them. The attitude makes me want to vomit.

46 1bunky1 USA Buyer misused returns 18***51 26 Aug 2021, 02:48
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Open case for defect. i checked and make sure that work then i sent out. No possible have a defect.

47 vazjona-7 Puerto Rico Buyer misused returns 18***51 26 Aug 2021, 02:44
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Open the return , because he does not like it.

48 stepba-7511 USA Buyer misused returns 18***51 26 Aug 2021, 02:37
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Open a case for he does not like it.

49 brownguy918 USA Buyer misused returns 67***fc 25 Aug 2021, 14:24
Sell Item to this Buyer:

I received an email from a buyer complaining that it wasn't worth returning the item. He whispered something like giving negative feedback without a full price refund. It is a planned crime.

50 kyba-36 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 24 Aug 2021, 00:20
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Here were are again. Another zero feedback user absuing the return process. Do I need to really explain it to you? He has opened an abusive return with a disgusting lie for reason after having his cancellation declined.

1 - 50  of  2,520 records  
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